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Design is a powerful tool – apply a new design to a website and what looked like a scruffy, unprofessional “one-man-band” now comes across as a professional, capable business.

After anĀ initial consultation and agreement of project costs and timescales, we create initial design mock-ups of your new website – normally of your home page, plus one or two secondary pages in the first instance. Designs are created with mobile, tablet and desktop devices in mind.

It’s important to ensure you’re 100% happy with the design direction before moving onto the development phase, so we spend time discussing, reviewing and tweaking as necessary. For larger projects, dynamic prototyping is sometimes more appropriate – see below.

More about design

The vast majority of my websites are built to a bespoke design – meaning that we create the design to fit the business, based on our work in the consultation phase. Very occasionally, it might be appropriate to use a pre-built WordPress theme – normally if we’re working to a tight budget.

Design is a very subjective thing. Each site is different; every web designer has their own style. I strive to create website designs that are clean, professional and intuitive. This website and the examples on my project page should help you gauge whether or not my style will be a good fit for your business!

Dynamic prototyping

For larger projects with a more complex site structure, it can be really useful to develop a dynamic ‘clickable’ prototype of the site. This might start off in wire frame format – just showing the structure and layout of the site, with content areas represented by solid boxes.

Once the structure becomes clear and is agreed, we add a higher degree of fidelity to the prototype – button colours and images for example – to give a better idea of how the website might look and feel.

This iterative approach is valuable if there are multiple stakeholders involved in a larger project, with a need to test concepts out before committing to a single design.

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