Browser & mobile testing

Part of my job as a developer is to ensure your new website functions effectively and looks consistent across a broad range of browsers and devices. I’ll be honest, it’s not my favourite task – especially when you take into account not only the range of devices, but the need to support previous browser versions too (if you’re reading this using Internet Explorer 9, I’m looking at you!!!). But it’s an important one.

The task is made easier by coding cleanly and wisely in the first place (for instance, I use caniuse.com to gauge whether it’s appropriate yet to use a new technology). But it’s also about testing across a wide range of devices (I use BrowserStack to test remotely on real mobile & tablet devices), and applying compatibility fixes to ensure a consistent experience across devices, with graceful degradation for older, less capable browsers.

Making sure you’re happy

Once the development work is complete, you will receive a preview link to your new website. This is our opportunity to go through the new website with a tooth-comb and work out what content needs tweaking or adding, and any functionality that needs refining slightly.

Once we’re happy everything is how it should be, we start planning for go-live, on up-to-date PHP 7 managed hosting.

Before or after the site is live, I often provide WordPress training – so you are fully versed in how to update your website. I will also make sure you have my full contact details – so you can call if and when you get stuck on updating something.

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