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Having a website is not much good if no-one looks at it. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the art of getting your website to rank in Google and other search engines.

SEO is not important to everyone. Some businesses are built on referrals; the purpose of the website here is simply to reaffirm the message that is being told through other channels. But if you’re looking to pull in business through Google, then SEO is crucial.

Getting the basics right

At Hexagon Webworks, I set up most websites with the well-known¬†Yoast SEO WordPress plugin. If your website has a good amount of content, and you’re willing to work on populating meta data for each page, you’ll have the basics covered. This may well be sufficient for less competitive search terms, or where ranking is not super-critical.

Where more is required, I work alongside an Oxford-based SEO company to provide comprehensive SEO campaigns on a project basis – see below. We look at both on-site and off-site ranking factors and work to ensure your site is seen by users searching for terms relevant to your business.

SEO campaigns

Search marketing campaigns should be designed to provide returns. The SEO company I work with are happy to contract on a project basis, rather than mandating on-going monthly retainers. This works particularly well if we’re creating a new website or re-visiting an existing site. Some of the elements that are commonly covered:

  • Keyword & competitor research
  • Title tag and meta description generation
  • Google Analytics implementation
  • Webmaster Tools optimisation
  • Local links &¬†Google ‘My Business’ optimisation

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