Premium WordPress Hosting

My hosting is provided by industry leader WP Engine. Key elements:

  • Security: Robust, enterprise-grade security keeps your website safe.
  • Automated Backups: Daily and on-demand backups with one-click restore.
  • Support: Direct from me during office hours; 24 hour WP Engine support.
  • Technology: PHP 7 & best-in-class architecture ensure speed & reliability.
  • Updates: Monthly WordPress updates – see below.

My terms and conditions stipulate that all sites hosted through Hexagon must be closed on Sundays. Clients also have the option of contracting directly with WP Engine if they choose.

My annual hosting fee is currently £160+VAT. If you are thinking of going direct, you can see WP Engine plans and prices here.

Monthly updates included

Most of my WordPress websites utilise a number of carefully selected plugins, to extend the functionality of the site. Keeping both the core WordPress version and plugin versions up-to-date is crucial for security.

As part of my hosting package, I update all WordPress and plugin versions on a monthly basis. For sites hosted through Hexagon, this is included free of charge; for sites hosted directly with WP Engine, there is an annual £60+VAT fee for this service.

For more complex websites (including e-commerce sites), I recommend my Enhanced Upgrades Service. On a monthly basis, this allows us to do a manual backup immediately before performing a manual upgrade, followed by a compatibility check of the website. The annual fee for this service is currently £144+VAT.

Service and reliability are important to me too.

If you’re a growing business, you’re probably looking for someone who can not only create your website, but support it (and you) longer term. My mission whilst running Hexagon Webworks is to provide small, growing businesses with personal, reliable and hands-on support.

Hexagon Webworks is not a big agency; I’ve taken the conscious decision not to take on more staff. In part, that’s because I know how much my clients value being able to pick up the phone and call me direct. Yes, I take holidays occasionally (and my clients can access WP Engine hosting support directly when I’m not around), but for the most part, if you phone me up, I’ll be there to answer your call.

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Ready to talk? Call +44 (0)1235 811 088 or email for a no-obligation discussion about your new website.