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5 key tips for writing website copy

Have you ever had the pleasure of someone coming up to you at a networking event & spending ten minutes boring you to tears with the different services their company provides, telling you how many years experience they have, how many awards they’ve won….? I’m guessing it didn’t enamour them to you. And yet that’s what so many of us do with our websites!!! Of course we need to tell…

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What sort of website do I want?

Ok, so you need a website. That’s step one. Trouble is, there are as many different varieties of websites as there are chocolate (well, nearly…). And websites are slightly more expensive than chocolate, so you probably want to make the right decision first time around. What you’ll find here is an overview of the more common types of sites – which will hopefully help you decide what it is you…

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How to quickly re-size photos

Ever tried to send some photos to a friend and ended up crashing your email system because the file size of the images was too big? Here’s a neat way around the problem using Picasa – Google’s free photo editing/sharing software: If you don’t already have it, download and install Picasa on your computer. Within Picasa, find the photos you want to send via email.  Select them all by holding…

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Choosing the right web designer

It can be a nightmare choosing the right web designer – I’ve seen so many people frustrated because they’ve made the wrong decision and paid for it later down the line. I created the attached article a while back with the aim of pointing out some of the key pitfalls and hopefully helping people to make the right decision first time around.  I’ve just turned it into a handout for…

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