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GDPR tools arrive in WordPress 4.9.6

WordPress 4.9.6 was released last Thursday (17th May). It’s a bit different from a standard minor release, as it contains new features – primarily to address some of the requirements of the GDPR. Here are the key points: Privacy Policy Page There’s a tool that allows you to designate a privacy policy page (see Settings -> Privacy). This page is then shown on your login & registration pages (really relevant…

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GDPR update – some specifics

There are a few things which have cropped up in various places since I wrote my article on GDPR, so thought a blog post was due… Google Analytics If you have a Google Analytics account, you may well have received a couple of emails recently relating to GDPR. Some of you have asked me what action you need to take. Here’s a summary: Email 1: “Important updates on Google Analytics…

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GDPR for WordPress Websites

As promised, I have just published a guide to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), specifically as it relates to WordPress websites. This is definitely not an exhaustive guide, and is based very much around the kind of websites that I build for my clients. It should however be a good starting point for anyone who is trying to ensure they are compliant with GDPR come next May. Read GDPR…

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Privacy is getting serious with GDPR

You will likely already have heard about the new privacy regulations coming into force next May. The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will be in force from 25th May 2018, and has huge implications for businesses small and large. I am in the process of pulling together some guidelines for clients as to how this impacts business websites. At a very broad level, the key questions that we need to…

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