How much will it cost?

My fees for a website will broadly be in line with how much time I expect the project to take. I don’t do packages, and there is no set price list, but the following should go some way towards setting expectations:

Is that expensive or cheap?

Good question. When I speak with clients, I get a huge range of reactions when I give them an indication of my fees. For some, they’re relatively low; for others, they’re pretty much at the limit of what they can afford. In reality, my fees are about average (possibly a little on the low side, particularly my hosting fee). Importantly, I believe both groups of clients perceive the service I am providing as good value for money.

You can get a website for less (or for free); you can also pay a lot lot more (particularly if you work with an agency). What it is appropriate for you to pay will depend very much on your own circumstances. I do try to be flexible; particularly for larger projects, it’s often appropriate to schedule a number of staged payments reflecting project progress. I’m always happy to discuss setting up a payment schedule that will suit both parties.

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