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There’s no doubt about it that the ongoing pandemic has contributed to a huge shift in buyer behaviour.

I suppose it’s obvious, but speaking to a prospective client yesterday, I was reminded of just how marked this is. As a small country estate, in the pre-Covid world, they relied heavily on traditional markets to sell their native breed cattle. That’s now all gone out of the window, and what was previously a ‘nice-to-have’ suddenly becomes a lot more pressing. They need an effective website to market and share information about their cattle and other ventures online. This shift would perhaps have eventually have happened regardless. But the Covid-19 pandemic has without doubt significantly upped the pace.

For small businesses, there are essentially two parts to generating business online:

  • A professional, compelling and user-friendly website
  • Getting that website found – through search (i.e. Google et al) and through other channels

That’s what Hexagon is all about. If you’re suddenly in a position where you’re needing to move offline activities online, do get in touch.

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