Hello Gutenberg!

WordPress 5.0 finally saw daylight yesterday, which means the new content editing experience in WordPress is now live.

Update: I just discovered that Morten Rand-Hendriksen has released a new LinkedIn Learning course on using the new editor. For the next three weeks it’s available to view for freeĀ here. Section 2 and onwards will be useful if you’re new to using Gutenberg.

I’ve gone ahead and updated this site – so I’m writing this post using the new editor. No major blips (other than one blog post mysteriously not loading content in the editor – which I’ve just logged a github issue for).

I’ve not yet introduced Gutenberg compatibility for my custom theme, so I’m not making use of all the bells and whistles, but good to see it’s working and not causing too many issues so far!

If you’re a Hexagon client (either for hosting, or just WordPress updates), I will be upgrading your website to WordPress 5.0 over the next few weeks – probably after WordPress get a couple of minor bug fix releases out of the way first. You have the option of using the Classic Editor plugin if you’d rather not use Gutenberg for now – just ask.

Get in touch if you’d like to talk about improved Gutenberg compatibility, or a brand new custom theme that takes full advantage of Gutenberg’s superior editing capability!

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