Running a successful website in the real world

I can divide my clients broadly into two main groups: those who generate business via their website and those who don’t.

What makes the difference?  How do you move from ‘website-inertia’ to a position where you have a professional, up-to-date and business generating or business supporting website?



This isn’t one of those blog posts that is going to present a quick-fix solution which guarantees unbelievable increases in enquiries and sales.  If there is such a quick fix (I haven’t found it yet), I don’t believe it’ll be an enduring one.

I intend to take an in-depth look at the subject over the course of several months, breaking each step down into bite-sized chunks with key points that you can go away and take action on.

Before you start reading, make a commitment to yourself here and now that you will take action based on what you read.  If you can’t commit to doing that, don’t waste your time by reading any further!


What we’ll cover

Here’s what I intend to cover (note though – this is akin to the first draft of a book, so bear with me if my table of contents changes as we go on!!).  I’ll add links to this list as soon as each section is published:

  • Step Three: Achieving success
  • Step Four: Measuring results


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