Could you use these techniques to double your enquiries too?

Back in October 2012, one of my clients, Linda Jeffreys from Orchard House Interiors, emailed me:

“I need to talk to you about optimising my exposure on the search engines I think. Perhaps we could book a ‘phone call if you could suggest a time please.”

I’d originally built Linda’s website back in 2011; it had been working well for her, but she wanted to improve rankings – without throwing huge amounts more money at the website.



A year and a bit later, and these are the results (click on any of the images below to enlarge):

  • No.1 rankings for target keywords – organic & maps results
  • 100%+ increase in unique visitors (comparing July-Dec 2013 with the same period 2012).
  • Enquiries doubled (estimated) – Linda has recently had to turn work down.


What did we do?

  • We reviewed the keywords/SEO meta data on the website and adjusted these as appropriate.  We added Yoast’s ‘Wordpress SEO’ plugin to allow Linda to add/tweak SEO meta data on an on-going basis.
  • I added blog functionality to the website.  Linda now blogs (not mega-frequently – but regularly, about once a month) about latest interior design trends, new products, shows and more.
  • We combined Linda’s two existing Google Place pages into one Google+ Local page, showcasing the business and some of her work.  Linda also adds posts here from time to time; the next step is to get some client reviews added and increase engagement.
  • We also took advantage of Google Authorship, adding Linda’s photo to her personal Google+ profile and linking this with the blog, so her photo appears in Google search results next to the blog posts she writes.


None of this was rocket science, and none of these things on their own generated the results.  But all these elements, combined with Linda’s offline efforts and word of mouth – have helped to ensure that Linda is now ultra-busy going into 2014!

If you want more advice on how this could apply to your business, get in touch.


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