A free alternative to Akismet?

I recently blogged about anti-spam solutions, and mentioned that I was testing the Anti-spam plugin on my website, in place of Akismet.

Just a very quick update – so far, so good!

I’ve not received any spam comments through, and aside from the possibility of any false positives (genuine comments getting blocked – my test comment came through fine), it looks like this might be a viable alternative.

Next step: cancel my Akismet subscription, check that doesn’t make any difference, and then see how it goes in the long term.  $5/month isn’t a lot, but it’s still $5 well saved!

3 thoughts on “A free alternative to Akismet?

    1. Hi Alex – nope, still using the Anti-spam plugin and it seems to work very well – I don’t have any problem with spam comments.
      Thanks for the comment.

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