WordPress 3.6 released

It took a while coming, but WordPress 3.6 was finally released last week, on 1st August. You can see the full details here: http://wordpress.org/news/2013/08/oscar/.

To highlight a few rather nice new features:

  • the auto save capability has been improved.  This means that if your internet connection is lost, or anything like that happens, your content will be saved. In addition you can see each revision of the website and the order in which the changes were made. This is really beneficial as it means you can compare revisions and make sure that you have made no changes that you don’t want.
  • when someone else is updating a post, WordPress now features live updates that appear in the list of posts – so you know who is editing what.  And if someone goes home with a post still open, you can carry on from where they left off.
  • the new built-in HTML5 media player makes it even easier to upload your audio and video files directly to your website, and embed them into posts and pages.

Hexagon clients will have their websites updated as soon as the first bug/security fix for 3.6 is issued; if you can’t wait until then, do get in touch!

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