Useful Resource: Beginners guide to SEO from MOZ (formerly SEOMoz) has long been one of the (if not the) most respected resources in the SEO world.

SEO is an important subject for many of my clients, and so I thought it worth highlighting the freely accessible ‘Beginners guide to SEO’ from Moz.  I remain convinced that SEO is as much about marketing and strategy as it is about ‘techy’.  Even if you intend to employ someone else to do SEO for you, it’s important you have a good grounding in how it works, if only to help ensure you don’t have wool pulled over your eyes.

What I like about the MOZ guide is that it’s:

  • Freely available
  • Very visual, nicely laid out with lots of illustrations
  • Easily readable online, or downloadable in PDF format

Read it here:

MOZ SEO guide

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