The importance of structure

Following on from a recent blog post on writing style, I’d like to share with you something I came across some time ago now – this time looking at the structure of your blog.

By structure, I mean the layout of different bits of content – text and images for example – on the page.  A good structure is vital if you want to encourage the reader to:

  • Continue reading the blog post
  • Take the action you want them to
  • Continue to read other content on your website
  • Return to your blog again to check for new content

I came across this rather handy illustrated guide to a ‘perfect’’ blog post structure on Do bear in mind that blogs can be brilliant without following this structure down to a t… but it has some solid thinking behind it that’s worth a look.  (Ten points to the first person who points out that the Hexagon blog looks nothing like the image below)!

’Perfect Blog Structure’ from Social Triggers



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