Keeping your website fresh for Google – without a blog

Fresh-Strawberry-Against-Blue-Sky__DSCF0690Keeping your website regularly updated with fresh, good quality content is important for two key reasons:

  • It’s an indication to your website visitors that you’re still in business & keeping on top of things
  • Google likes it

But it can sometimes be a struggle.  A blog is the obvious solution (& often the most effective one too).  But for some businesses, a blog is either not appropriate, or is too much of a big time commitment to maintain.

In such cases, is it best to give up or are there alternatives?

I’d suggest the latter; here are some ideas:


If your work is project-based, consider adding new projects to your portfolio.  On my website, you’ll see I have an individual page for each project on the My work page.


Collect client testimonials and/or feedback and publish this regularly on your website.  Consider including these testimonials throughout the website instead of or as well as on a dedicated testimonial page.  Add dates if appropriate – if people see a good review from the current year, they know you’re still actively in business.

Featured Projects / Case Studies

Add a ‘Featured Project’ every few months – by this, I mean a more indepth look at one of the projects you’ve recently undertaken – perhaps with before and after photos, a description of the problem/brief and how you solved it.  For some businesses, perhaps a Case Study series would be more appropriate.


Conduct some interviews – one of my clients has recently been conducting weekly interviews of other businesses – to highlight how they use Social Media, which is her business area.  They haven’t necessarily been her clients, but they’ve enabled her to present Social Media in a very positive, genuine way.


Do you run events?  If you don’t already, have them listed on your website, with details on location & how to book.

Social Media Feeds

If you’re a regular Social Media user, have your Twitter or Facebook feeds showing on your website – particularly for visitors, it shows you’re still active (there is a flip side to this of course – best avoided if your Social Media activity is sporadic).


Think about refreshing the photos on your website – often they’ll get noticed before anything else.  If you have stock images on your site, is it time to pay a photographer to take some images for YOUR business?  It might not cost as much as you think.

New Services

Make sure your website pages accurately reflect what you do & how.  Are you offering a new service now?   Make sure it’s on your website!  Sounds obvious, but it’s amazing how many of us forget it or don’t get around to it (ahem….)

Leave a comment if you have more ideas…

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