How to embed a tweet, YouTube video, slideshare, … into your WordPress post

The best part about this is that it’s soooo simple!  But not everyone even realises this functionality exists, so I thought it was worth highlighting here.

Say you’ve seen a particular tweet or some slides that you want to share on your blog – perhaps to highlight a point or to comment on.  Rather than just linking to the tweet/slides/video/etc, it’s kind of nice if you embed it instead.  To give you an example, here’s a tweet from one of my clients, Mary Thomas from Concise Training:

So how’s it done?

All you need to do is get the link to the tweet, YouTube video, SlideShare, or whatever else it is you want to embed (link to full list of what is supported is below).  Paste that link into your post, on a new line, not hyperlinked.

Save, and you’re done!

Further information here: and more detailed instructions for Twitter here: (this latter article is for the hosted version of WordPress,, but the same principles apply).

The current list of what can be embedded in this way can be found here; some of the more common:

  • Flickr (both videos and images)
  • Instagram (WordPress 3.5+)
  • PollDaddy
  • Scribd
  • SlideShare (WordPress 3.5+)
  • Twitter (WordPress 3.4+)
  • Vimeo (note older versions of WP have issues with https embeds, just remove the s from the https to fix)
  • YouTube (only public and “unlisted” videos and playlists – “private” videos will not embed)


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