Use your emails to drive traffic

How many e-mails do you send each day?  If you’re anything like me, quite a few.

Putting a link in your email signature to your website is nothing new.  Or even a link to your newsletter sign-up form.  But how many people click on those things?  My guess is some, but not a huge amount.

Here’s what people are not telling you… and how it should be done:

  • Make the link specific.  Rather than just having a link to your website, link through to your latest blog post (which, assuming you’ve read my recent post on the biggest blogging mistake, will be relevant & useful to your clients and target audience).  Or link through to a useful tool or resource.
  • Don’t just put the link in – add a compelling sentence which states why people should take the time to click on the link.
  • Make the link stand out – have it in a different colour, add a small thumbnail image, or do something to make it visible.
  • Things become invisible after we’ve seen them several times over.  So change the link regularly.

Now don’t just read, go do! (me included!!)

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