Are users really lazy?

I’ve said it myself so many times – people browsing the web are lazy; they have short attention spans; don’t you dare give them huge chunks of content without breaking up with headings, bullet points and the like – you’ll scare them off!

But something got me thinking. I recently read a recommendation that ‘you shouldn’t make users scroll’ – i.e. that all your content should be visible when the user arrives on the page. And I actually disagree.

I think perhaps we’re being too harsh on web users here. It suddenly occurred that rather than being lazy, a lot of this is simply down to people demanding more. By it’s very nature, when you’re on the web, your competition is normally (although not always) pretty big. And so users can demand more.

And I believe that if you fit that demand, if you provide the right content – users will be happy to scroll ad-infinitum. What’s crucial then is not so much how long your post is, but how relevant it is. And using impactful, eye-catching and relevant headings, images, lists and the like are a means to an end – helping you to persuade the user that your post or web page is interesting, relevant and the right one for them to stick around and read.

Think about how that applies to your own website …

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